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QHP Trense Chianti


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Elegant bridle with a burgundy patent leather noseband. The browband is decorated with large black-coloured and small burgundy STELLUX™ crystals on the end and the keeper which reflect extra light for a beautiful shine. This bridle is not only fancy, but also comfy for your horse due the anatomically shaped crown piece and specially shaped flash strap.

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  • Material: leather
  • Material hardware: stainless steel
  • Anatomical bridle with burgundy details
  • Comfortable due to the anatomically shaped crown piece and specially shaped flash strap
  • Wave browband decorated with small burgundy and big black STELLUX™ crystals
  • Headpiece, noseband and noseband buckle are softly padded
  • Throat latch adjustable on both sides
  • Cheek pieces with buckles
  • Supplied with web reins with hook studs
  • Matching Chianti products available 
  • Clean the leather with a cleaner and then rub it in with leather balm. Preferably do not use leather oil, as this can cause the stitching to come loose

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