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QHP springpisk Comfy


Varenummer (SKU): 5498 Kategori: Product ID: 76236


Colorful jumping whip that fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the gel-like handle and deluxe knob on top.


  • Material outer layer: woven polypropylene
  • Material inside: fiberglass shaft
  • Material handle: PVC
  • Material button: metal
  • Material flap: synthetic polyurethane
  • Features soft gel-like handle which makes it fit comfortably in the hand
  • Handle wrapped with matching colored woven polypropylene
  • Wide flap at the end of the whip
  • Features nice knob on top
  • A standard length of 65 cm
  • The length of the whip includes handle and end
  • The maximum allowed length of a jumping whip at competition is 75 cm

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