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Acavallo Stigbøjler Arena Alupro Junior 10,5 cm.


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The Acavallo Stirrups Arena Alupro for kids are made of aluminium and a special polymer material. Thanks to this polymer material, the stirrup has a resilient construction which provides more flexibility and comfort for the rider.

The stirrup features a hinged safety mechanism with a small foot stop. The rider’s weight ensures that the clasp opens in the event of a fall, preventing the foot from getting caught in the stirrup.

The wide, low-profile, anti-slip tread provides the rider with optimum grip and the bevelled opening for the stirrup leather ensures a good stirrup position, keeping the foot in the correct position. This gives the rider more stability and improves leg position. Per pair.

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Rosegold/Black, Bronze/Black, Charcoal/Black, Brown/Black, Blue/Black, Titanium/Black, Alu/Black, Total Black, Black/Black


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